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automated management systems

Our company offers a full range of services for the creation, implementation, maintenance and upgrade of the automated control systems (ACS) on the basis of modern hardware and software solutions world's leading manufacturers.



Development and implementation of ACS "key in hand".
Development of application software.
Project documentation.


Control cabinets production.
Installation and commissioning of software and hardware.


Maintenance of embedded systems and staff training.
Warranty and service.

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dispatch system

Development project scheduling boiler and pump at the Volgograd Drilling Equipment Plant (LLC "VZBT").

  • Development of project documentation
other examples
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operator workstation

Based on SCADA TRACE MODE designed operator's management of modular complex of cement production.

  • Software Development
other examples
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automated management system

Development, installation and commissioning concrete node control systems based on Phoenix Contact ILC 130 controller and power automation ABB and Omron.

  • Installation and commissioning

About Us

Its activity company Meson beginning in 2006, and since this time has realized many large projects, so that became well known in the city of Volgograd and the South Russia region.

Company Meson staffed by specialists who worked for many years in the field of process automation, including instrumentation engineers and programmers as industrial controllers, and application software for computers.


Since 2006 we cooperate with the Italian company ReCo Automazioni S.N.C., which specializes in running factories for the production of stonewool and foundary.

Our experts have participated in joint development and commissioning of plants for the production of mineral wool in Russia, Ukraine, Romania and others, so we can confidently say that we are working on a European level of quality and adhere to European standards in terms of installation and commissioning of automated control systems.